24 - 26 October 2007
The Hague, The Netherlands

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Conference Topics
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Conference Topics

The goals of eChallenges e-2007 are to stimulate take-up of applied ICT research results by industry and government, to promote knowledge sharing between industry, government and the global research community (supporting better exploitation of results and better coordination of research activities), to exchange experiences about the current state of eAdoption at a sectoral, national or regional level, and to open up the European Research Area (ERA) to the rest of the world.

The Core Thematic Priorities for e-2007 are:

- ICT for Networked Enterprise - Future forms of organisations, Technology and Applications

- eGovernment & eDemocracy - Services to Citizens & Business, Organisational Transformation

- eHealth - Services to Citizens

- Collaborative Working Environments

- Knowledge and Content Technologies

- Security and Identity Management

- Technology Enhanced Learning and ICT Skills

Related Themes include but are not restricted to:

- i2010 and ICT take-up by SMEs

- Digital Content & Digital Rights Management - issues, applications & technologies

- eVoting, eParticipation

- eInclusion and eAccessibility

- eTourism and Cultural Heritage

- Future Emerging Technologies

- eInfrastructures/GRID - issues, applications and technologies

- Knowledge management and technologies

- Interoperability and Standardisation

- Mobility - issues, applications & technologies

- Open Source Technologies and Applications

- Smart and Virtual Organisations

Related Topics for papers or sessions may include:

- Best Practice Models - Lessons learnt

- eAdoption - national and sectoral case studies and policy issues

- Future Workplace Design

- Identity Management and Authentication

- Innovation and Technology Transfer

- Legal and Regulatory Challenges for IST

- Measuring and Benchmarking

- Multimodal Working Environments