24 - 26 October 2007
The Hague, The Netherlands

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Abstract & Workshops
Thematic Priorities

Abstracts and Workshops

Extended abstracts are invited for eChallenges e-2007. The conference language is English and abstracts should be for technical papers, business or government case studies or visionary papers within the scope of the conference. Extended abstracts of 1,200 - 1,500 words must be registered via Online Submission by 28th February 2007.

Each abstract should focus on a research topic on which either a case study, initial or final results can be published. All abstracts/papers must highlight the level of innovation. General project descriptions are not appropriate.

Papers or sessions can take the form of:

- Presentation of innovative ICT achievements

- Discussion of current status of eAdoption in a specific industry sector, country or region

- Lessons learnt - business/government case studies

- Lessons learnt from regional and national programmes and initiatives

- Discussion of ERA or International Cooperation oriented issues

- Discussion of existing and emerging standards

- Discussion of future oriented technologies

- Discussion of IPR, legal and contractual issues

Please refer to Abstract Submission for more details.

Please refer to Workshop Submission for detailed criteria for proposals for workshop or tutorial sessions.

Publishing schedule for e-2007

The publishing schedule for e-2007 is as follows:

- Paper abstracts and workshop proposals submitted by 28th February 2007

- Provisional acceptance provided by 31st March

- Draft final papers submitted by 30th April

- Provisional acceptance of draft final papers with IPC feedback provided by 31st May

- Final papers to be delivered electronically by 30th June for editorial review and quality check