19 - 21 October 2005
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Practical Information

eChallenges e-2005 will take place in the Grand Hotel Union, which is centrally located in the business district of Ljubljana. It combines elegant, classic surroundings with high tech and modern facilities.

Security, Health and Safety

Please wear your name badge for all e-2005 activities, as it is your identification and allows you access to the facilities on offer. Unfortunately, IT Conferences provide a tempting target for thieves, so please take care of bags, laptops and other personal belongings.

While security staff will be present, the organisers cannot accept any responsibility for losses incurred or for personal health and safety. Delegates should ensure they have personal health insurance and take the usual care when exploring the city of Ljubljana. If you have any special needs or requirements, please contact the conference secretariat prior to the event.


Ljubljana, Slovenia's largest and most populous city, maintains a clean, charming and youthful atmosphere. It has become the heart of the cultural, political, economic, and scientific life of the Slovenian nation. There are more than 35,000 students attending Ljubljana University.

From its earliest days through to Napoleonic times, Ljubljana has been shaped by the constant changes in the Slovenian cultural landscape. Throughout the city the Roman, medieval, Baroque and Habsburg influences have left its own distinctive legacies on the city.

Major Places of Interest

Ljubljana's architectural styles reflect the many influences of the city such as St. Nicholas church (13th century) and St. Florian Church (17th century), Ljubljana castle which overlooks the city from the hills, the Robbas fountain, the famous bridges, Miklosik park, the Roman walls, antique monuments and the Philarmonic Hall which counted among its members Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms.

A number of the city's sights, cafes and thriving urban life can be found along the banks of the Ljubljana River, which divides the city.

Museums occupy the Old Town, which also features cafes, baroque churches and quaint bridges hidden in its maze of narrow streets. The peaceful Tivoli Park, in the north-western quadrant of the city boasts a recreation centre containing bowling alleys, tennis courts, swimming pools and a roller-skating rink.

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Preseren's Square and Franciscian Church, Bajzelj
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