19 - 21 October 2005
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Conference Topics

Focusing on eBusiness, eGovernment, eWork, eEurope 2005 and ICT take-up by SMEs and International Collaboration, the goal of e-2005 is to stimulate rapid take-up of Research & Technology Development (RTD) results by European industry, and SMEs in particular. It provides an excellent networking environment to share success stories, lessons learnt and exchange experience from Information and Communications Technology (ICT) related Regional and National initiatives as well as European funded research initiatives.

The core thematic priorities for e-2005 are:

- eBusiness - Future forms of organisations, Technology and Applications

- eGovernment - Services to Citizens and Business, Organisational Transformation

- eWork - New Working Environments

- eEurope beyond 2005 and ICT Take-up by SMEs

- International Collaboration on IST

Related themes include but are not restricted to:

- Ambient Intelligence at Work

- Mobility - issues, applications & technologies

- Communication and Networking Technologies

- Digital Content & Digital Rights Management - issues, applications & technologies

- eDemocracy, eVoting, eParticipation

- eLearning and ICT Skills

- eServices in the European Research Area

- GRID - issues, applications and technologies

- Knowledge Management and Technologies

- Interoperability and Standardisation

- Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS)

- Open Source Technologies and Applications

- Smart and Virtual Organisations

- Trust & Confidence

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